Understanding Out Of Date E-Liquid

You can still vape e-liquids past their best before date.

Our e-liquids are preselected and come from warehouses with optimal conditions (cool temperature, with no direct sunlight). The e-liquids are also taste tested by our team so you can be confident in the vaping quality of these products.

However, if you do vape e-liquids past their best-before-date, you might experience a more mature “steeped” flavour and colour along with a possible stronger nicotine throat hit.

We have carried out Analytical Contract Lab Testing on our e-liquids, the flavour test results shows no major flavour degradation resulting in good sensory flavour profiling, to be near similar but more aged in flavour than the original flavour profile, along with no significant undesirable chemical off-notes.

An important finding showed the nicotine strength (i.e. concentration) test result of our e-liquids have no significant loss in nicotine strength past the 2 year best before date.