Out Of Date E-Liquid, Is It Safe To Vape?

Just like food, e-liquids come with a "Best Before" Date that stipulates the duration in which your e-liquid will be at its optimum quality. However, food also comes with a "Use-By" Date to demonstrate when they expire, which consumers often mix up with the Best Before Date. To make things even more confusing, some food packaging only contains one of these dates, or uses terms such as “expiration, best by, sell by, best if used by…”, just to mix it up a little. In the food industry, this misleading practice leads consumers into throwing out products that are still perfectly fine, contributing to an additional 7.1 million tonnes of food thrown away each year across the UK.

When it comes to e-liquids, each bottle is stamped with a Best Before Date, much like food. However, e-liquids do not have a “Use-By” date, meaning that they do not go off, but simply reduce gradually in quality. In comparison to fresh food, e-liquids are "shelf stable", much like your canned goods. This means that e-liquids are less likely to react with their environment, and are therefore longer lasting.


So, in this blog, we'll explore the truth behind the Best Before Date, discussing one of the biggest myths within the vaping community. Here's the big question - is your e-liquid safe to vape past its Best Before Date?




The Best Before Date is simply a recommendation as to when you should use the e-liquid by. It's not dangerous to vape expired e-liquids, and it's not bad for your health. In fact, some e-liquids can last up to five years past their Best Before Date. Even after five years, your e-liquid does not "go off" like food, you'll just experience a loss in flavour and nicotine strength as the ingredients within the e-liquid begin to break down.


After the Best Before Date, several things can happen to an e-liquid:


  • You may experience a gradual decrease in flavour and aroma
  • The colour of the e-liquid may change
  • The e-liquid bottle may become slightly tinted
  • The potency of the nicotine may begin to fade, or you may experience a stronger throat hit


This is due to the process of nicotine oxidation, a process actually used within manufacturing to bring out the flavours, termed "steeping" - as molecules of nicotine most responsible for flavour can be enhanced with oxygen. However, when the liquid becomes too oxidised, the liquid's flavour and strength begins to fade.


After your e-liquid's Best Before Date, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that vaping this liquid is any more or less dangerous than the liquid you buy hot off the shelf. When you purchase high-quality e-liquids, like the ones offered from Best Before E-Liquid, you'll notice that they last even longer past the Best Before Date than e-liquids you pick up from pound shops.


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  • Dec 17, 2019
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